Summer Math Ideas

Many opportunities exist for your child to counteract summer math loss. First, register for Brandon School District's Make It Count! Summer Math Enrichment, a two-week course for two hours per day to either introduce concepts your child will learn throughout the upcoming year or refresh skills learned this year.

Students can also work on their grade level mission in Khan Academy takes complex, grade-level skills and breaks them down into smaller pieces. Students can watch videos over and over again, ask for hints and practice skills before completing a mission. Parents can keep track of children's progress.

Students can work in a math workbook to practice their math skills. When looking for a math workbook, look for one that addresses Common Core State Standards. We recommend the following:
As parents, you can choose to have your child take part in any one or more of these options. Parental support and encouragement is crucial to keeping children on track during the summer months. Ten minutes spent practicing math skills each summer weekday can make a world of difference at the start of the next school year!