Extraordinary Blackhawk of the Month--Claudia Key-Friedline

Please join me in congratulating Claudia Key-Friedline as this month's Extraordinary Blackhawk.  Claudia is a special education teacher at Harvey-Swanson and was nominated by Diane Zedan and the entire special education team.  The team shared an incredible story where Claudia helped a particular student that had bounced from foster home to foster home.  In this story, Claudia went far above-and-beyond for this student and made a life-ling impact on this child. 

The team also talked about how Claudia is always there for her colleagues helping in any way that she can and how she goes above and beyond for all of her students.  Shawn VanSlambrouk also shared the following about Claudia.  "She is always happy.  When she talks about her students I feel like she is talking about her own children.  She is so caring and would do anything for them to succeed."  Thank you Claudia for all of your care and compassion for your students!!!