Non-Homestead Millage Ballot Information

Thank you for your interest in the Non-Homestead Millage that will be on the ballot November 6th. Here is a description of some of the related information that often generates questions. At the end, we also have links to Dr. Outlaw's parent letter and the sample ballot. 

1.       Tax on businesses and second properties only (Non-Homestead).  This tax does not apply in any way to primary residences (Homestead).

2.       Renewal with no increase at all.  For businesses and those with second properties within the district, this rate would remain the exact same as it is currently (17.8705 mills).

3.       Every public school district has a non-homestead millage – This needs to be renewed every 6 years, but we do not know of a single public school district in the State that does not have an approved non-homestead millage.

4.       Represents over 10% of Brandon’s annual budget – For 2019, this would represent approximately $2.7 million.

5.       The vote is on November 6 – This is on the general election ballot.  This renewal will be found in the bottom right hand corner of the ballot’s second page (see below).  The title is “Local School District Operating Millage Renewal Proposal”.  The language is written as required by law, but I want to emphasize this part of the language that is important for families:  “…except principal residence and other property exempt by law.”  Again, this only applies to businesses and second properties within the district. 

Dr. Outlaw's Letter
Sample Ballot

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