Truck Town Thunder is heading to the FIRST World Championship

Truck Town Thunder has qualified for the FIRST World Championship in Houston, TX next week!
They are in the final push of our fundraising drive and will be leaving early next week - PLEASE consider donating to the linked GoFundMe to help offset the team's travel expenses!
Thank you!


About Truck Town Thunder

Truck Town Thunder was founded by GM Truck and Bus group in 1997 and moved to the BHS metal shop in 2010. We are a part of FIRST Robotics which is a global robotics organization that allows students to create a team atmosphere, learn teamwork skills, and build a competitive robot.

Every January, a new game is released and we have to build a completely new robot that is able to play that game. After a long winter, we compete at 2 district competitions in March. This year we won our first competition at Kettering University, and we placed 4th out of 40 teams at our second competition in Troy. Because of our success, we qualified for the Michigan State Championship this past weekend and competed with teams from all over Michigan. At the end of this competition, we qualified for the World Championship in Houston, Texas where we will compete against teams from all over the globe.

This is the first time we have qualified for this event in 5 years!


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