Fall 2020 Parent Survey

Dear Parents, 
The following survey is intended to help the Brandon School District as we prepare options for families for the fall of 2020.  It is our hope that school will be back to as close to traditional as possible in the fall, but it is likely to look different for all of Michigan's schools at least as the year begins.  The following are some of the guidelines that have been issued by the CDC for reopening schools in America:
- A number of hygiene and detection strategies
- Cloth face coverings as much as feasible
- Spacing at least 6 feet apart and minimizing movement between rooms
- Physical barriers in places (such as reception desks)
- Close communal spaces such as dining halls and playgrounds if possible
- Limiting guests, field trips etc...
With these things in mind, we would like to get an idea of what parents might prefer if we must reopen under these conditions.  Please know that everything in this survey is hypothetical and we would anticipate more surveys/feedback sessions as we get a better idea of what the restrictions may be in the fall.  If you have a chance to fill this out, we would greatly appreciate your help.
Access the Survey Here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BSDParentChoice