Individualize Your Education with Personal Curriculum

What is a Personal Curriculum?

·         Personal curriculum is a tool for changing or modifying the classes a student takes to graduate.

Who is eligible to use a Personal Curriculum?

·         Students who cannot pass Algebra IIIf there is reason to believe a student may be unable to complete the mathematics requirement of the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC), the requirement may be modified with a PC.

·         Students looking for enrichmentIf a student’s postsecondary goals require extra math, science, English language arts, world languages, or content from a formal career and technical education program, the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) may be modified through a PC

·         Students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)—For students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP), the IEP is used to document special education services necessary for the student to access and achieve in the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC). The PC will not be necessary for most students with an IEP.

·         Students who transfer to Brandon—If a transfer student has completed at least two years of high school credit and will be unable to earn all required Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) credits during his or her remaining time in high school, the MMC may be modified through a PC.

How do I request a Personal Curriculum?

Fill out the application below online. Once every field in the application is filled in, a link to submit it will appear. The application is sent to the high school counseling department and a counselor will get back to you about next steps. Note that a PC can only be put in place with the agreement of both the parent or guardian (or emancipated student) and the district superintendent or his or her designee. 

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