Brandon Groveland Youth Assistance

609 S. Ortonville Road
Ortonville, MI 48462

Case Worker: Tasha Hanson
Secretary: Mary Stayton
Phone: (248) 627-1800 (ext. 1717)
Fax: (248) 627-7201

BGYA Board

Executive Board
President Bob McArthur
Vice-President Jane Derry-Burkett
Treasuer Lynette Kelley
Secretary Shelby Steward-Solan 


Board of Directors
Candee Allen
Patti Back
Theresa Bills
Scott Broughton
Liz Edwards
Fran Hotchkiss
Matt Jenkins
Jayson Rumball
Mary Stayton
Shelby Steward


Camp/Skill Building Mary Stayton
Parent Education Fran Hotchkiss, Kim Landry
Public Relations Shelby Stewart
School Liaison  
Youth Recognition Theresa Bills, Jeanie McCreery
Youth Liaison Lucas Lasky

7 Volunteers

Our board has several programs in progress; Bullying Prevention, Child Abuse and Autism Awareness, Challenge Day at the High School, Skill Building for at-risk students, Youth Recognition, Summer Camp, Emergency Cards for all students, scholarships for all types of sports programs, family educations programs, and tutoring classes for all ages.

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